Client: MAQuillAGE
Release: November 01, 2015
A limited-time pop-up shop opened in ZeroBase Omotesando to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Shiseido MAQuillAGE.
Rhizomatiks designed a ground floor space cloaked in high-definition LED Vision panels, and prepared dozens of video patterns that resonated with the product theme, “Lady Red.” Sensor-equipped JINS MEME eyewear was used to gauge the mood of each visitor, and a video pattern was project corresponding to this mental and emotional state. Additionally, the second and third floors featured both virtual and real makeup simulations, as well as a makeup consultation experience with a professional makeup artist.
Client : Shiseido
Advertising Agency:TYO
Creative Direction : Rhizomatiks Design
Event Produce : LOUNGE INC.
Space Design / Construction : Propeller & Co.
Movie Produce : TYO / TYO drive
Movie Direction : TANGRAM
CG Animation Design : LIKI inc.
Technical Development / Creative Coding : N sketch
PR : Platinum
Audio Visual Equipment : iRESS
Model / Companion : Oscar Promotion
Creative Director: Fumihiko Sato (Rhizomatiks)
Art Director : Becca Kawaichi(Rhizomatiks)
Sound Designer: Setsuya Kurotaki (Rhizomatiks)
Videographer: Muryo Honma (Rhizomatiks)