Client: Rhizomatiks
Release: February 01, 2014
Lexus certainly didn’t hold back when developing the LFA. Every last inch of the vehicle reflects a fastidious attention to technical detail; for this and more, the LFA is a super sports car that shines on even on the world stage. In order to showcase the LFA’s sleek contours and attention to detail, Rhizomatiks Design enlisted the assistance of the Roppongi skyline to stunning effect.
Only 500 of the vehicles are in existence, and out of this already limited production run, only 50 were equipped with the high performance Nürburgring package geared toward circuit racing.
Boasting both top class driving performance and impeccable style, the LFA has the power to awe its beholders. Though made of metal, well-polished surfaces exude a life force of their own, and the LFA certainly has presence that commands the attention of a room. Our installation sought to capture the Nürburgring model at its finest, when it appeals to all five senses.
Director / Planner / Producer:Keisuke Arikuni(Rhizomatiks)
Creative coder / Lighting designer:HIroyuki Hori(Rhizomatiks)
Hardware engineer:Tatsuya Motogi(Rhizomatiks)
Device engineer:Yanagisawa Tomoaki(Rhizomatiks)
Sound designer:Taeji Sawai(qosmo)
Sound engineer:Mitsuru Tajika
Space designer:Shinya Akaba, Hiroki Ikuhara
Constructor: Naohiro Sato, Masanao Nozawa(NAKATEN)