Dual Clutch Transmission

Client: Honda
Release: March 01, 2016

A website using a audio visualizer to express the semi-automatic function “DCT” for motorcycles that Honda realized for the first time in the world.

The semi-automatic function “dual clutch transmission (DCT)” is installed in a four-wheeled vehicle. The design and art direction around the web contents commemorating Honda’s world’s first installation on a two-wheeled vehicle. In order to explain the function of DCT to the general public, the engine subgroup of the DCT was expressed with an interactive 3D audiovisualizer. The authentic Honda engine CG paths were used as design material. The dynamic movement inside of the engine, such as the torque and piston movement, is fluidly animated. By shifting through manual and automatic while operating the 6 speed buttons, interactive content linked with the engine movement and original soundtrack can be enjoyed. A website designed around the experience a smooth shift change, the highlight of the product, was realized.