Client: Tokyo International Forum
Release: January 01, 2017
Art direction and design of the event website for the art performance expressing Form (type/style) inherent in Japanese culture

The performance is a collaboration artwork by the Kyogen performer, Mansai Nomura, and media artist, Daito Manabe. In order to express the collaboration between traditional arts and advanced technology, 3D scanning data of Mansai Nomura dancing to Noh music, "Sanjyou", was used as design material for the website and poster. Because the scan uses "4D View", capturing a moving object using 360 degree photography to convert to polygon data, designers can select any angle instantaneously throughout the performance and export it as vector data. On the web, performance by Mansai Nomura was published alongside with graphics designed by turning the 3D data polygons from a surface into lines. Even when displayed as inorganic scan data, the shape of Mr. Mansai is remarkable.The fusion of universal beauty, found within the traditional Japanese form, and technology was incorporated into the graphics as a new found Japanese beauty.
Art Director :Hiroyasu Kimura(Rhizomatiks Design)
Designer:Ichiro Kojima・Kaori Fujii(Rhizomatiks Design)
Web Programmer:Tsukamoto Hirofumi(Rhizomatiks Design)