Shibuya Hikarie Digital Signage

Client: Shibuya Hikarie
Release: April 01, 2012
Rhizomatiks Design planned and created digital signage content prominently displayed in the newly opened Shibuya Hikarie skyscraper complex. The signage assumes a wide variety of shapes ranging from ring-type screens to column-wrapped screens that must display dynamic content with information on the weather, news, clock functions, etc. This content is displayed graphically, and optimized for the shape of each screen.
The heart of the complex is a circular atrium called the “urban core” that is a nexus of the pedestrian network. Encircling this core, we installed multiring signage consisting of three large LED displays with a maximum diameter of 17 meters. A large LED display “Hikari Clock” was also installed in Basement Level 3 in the walkway leading to the Den-en Toshi line in Shibuya Station. This digital signage provides information tailored to visitors of Shibuya Hikarie specifically, as well as displaying digital clocks, Shibuya’s humidity and temperature forecasts, and news regarding other landmarks in the world’s major cities. Furthermore, in a nod to the site’s roots as the former Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, the displays content related to a planetarium theme.
Creative Director : Seiichi Saito
Director : Keisuke Arikuni
Art Director/Designer : Ichiro Kojima
Programmer[urban core] : Satoshi Horii
Programmer[ShinQs] : Sumito Kamoi
Technical Director : Daisuke Nakahama
Videographer/Archive Producer: Muryo Honma
※ Only the credits for Rhizomatiks arelisted.